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The equipment for processing weathered rock to sand

Posted: 2021 02 24 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views: 897

Weathered rock is the phenomenon of rock fragmentation, looseness and changes in mineral composition under the action of solar radiation, atmosphere, water and organisms. Generally it divided into unweathered rock, slightly weathered rock, medium weathered rock, strong weathered rock, fully weathered rock and residual soil.

For strongly weathered rock, fully weathered rock and residual soil, the hardness of the stone is greatly reduced due to the high degree of weathering. If it is made of mechanism sand, there may be problems such as weak compression resistance, the quality of mechanism sand is lower than that of ordinary hard stones, which affects the quality of later construction projects. Therefore, for such highly weathered materials, it is not recommended to be used as raw material for mechanism sand.


For general weathered rock, it can be used as raw material for mechanism sand to produce sand with a sand making machine. The production process and equipment selection are roughly the same as those of bluestone, limestone and other stones. The specifics need to be adjusted according to the hardness of the stone.

At present, the commonly used sand making machines in the industry include VSI series sand making machines and 5X series sand making machines, and the 6X sand making machines with larger capacity upgraded on this basis are also widely used.

In addition, under the severe environmental protection situation, the fully enclosed production VU building-type sand making system has also attracted the attention of many customers. The system is not only environmentally friendly, but also equipped with a granular machine, and the quality of the finished mechanism sand is also very good. It can reach the standard of fine mechanism sand.

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