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How to classify concrete?

Posted: 2018 12 05 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views: 633

1.According to apparent density:

Concrete can be divided into heavy concrete, ordinary concrete and lightweight concrete according to the apparent density. The difference between the three types of concrete is the aggregate.

Heavy concrete is more than 2500 kg/m3 in apparent density. It is made of extremely dense and heavy aggregates. Ordinary concrete is the most commonly used concrete in our construction. Its apparent density is 1950-2500Kg/m3, which is mainly composed of sand and stone as the main aggregate. Lightweight concrete is concrete with an apparent density of less than 1950 kg/m3.

2. According to the use function:

Structural concrete, decorative concrete, waterproof concrete, refractory concrete, road concrete, radiation-proof concrete, etc.

3. According to construction technology:

Centrifugal concrete, vacuum concrete, grouting concrete, shotcrete, roller compacted concrete, extruded concrete, pumped concrete, etc.

4. According to the admixture:

Fly ash concrete, silica fume concrete, slag concrete, fiber concrete, etc.

5. According to compressive strength

Low-strength concrete (compressive strength less than 30MPa), medium-strength concrete (compressive strength 30-60mpa) and high-strength concrete (compressive strength more than or equal to 60Mpa)

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