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How much is it to invest in a quarry?

Posted: 2018 12 04 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views: 793

As we all know, stone is building materials, highway construction materials and other common materials. Mining gravel plant known as gravel yard, processing gravel plant known as stone yard or stone factory.
First of all, about the question of how much is it to invest in a quarry, we should know what kind of stone is the main stone to be processed, then select equipment according to the stone type. The cost can only be calculated after the equipment is determined.
Stone materials are mainly granite, and the hardness is about 120~200MPa. Jaw crusher is usually used for primary crushing, it is the widely used crushing machine for coarse crushing various hard materials. Kefid's new high-energy crusher has made a series of upgrades on the basis of the traditional jaw crusher. It can effectively control the product granularity. It also achieved more crushing and less grinding which is greatly improve the production capacity of the production line. Jaw crusher is an excellent choice for primary crushing.
The secondary crushing usually adopts the impact crusher to produce the material granularity. Kefid 300 tons per day impact crusher feeding granularity 300㎜, discharging granularity and shape can be adjusted according to customer needs for multi-functional. In addition to the impact crusher, you can also select the Kefid HPT hydraulic cone crusher.
The question of how much money is needed to invest in a quarry should be analyzed in detail. Different materials need different equipment, and the cost will also be different. If you want to know more about the invest price , you can leave messages for more online services.

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