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The reasons for the shutdown of the hp500 cone crusher under load conditions

Posted: 2019 04 11 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views: 358

When cleaning the crushing chamber of the hp500 cone crusher, it is necessary to start the hydraulic station and pressurize the lower half of the hydraulic cylinder through the lower oil inlet pipe connected to the hydraulic cylinder. At this time, the hydraulic cylinder piston is pushed upward, and the support sleeve connected with the hydraulic cylinder is lifted off the lower main frame to drive the adjustment sleeve and the moving cone to rise, thereby increasing the discharge opening and blocking material is falling; after the clearing chamber is completed, the hydraulic station pressure is released, the hydraulic oil under the piston is recirculated through the pipe, the support sleeve is dropped, and the discharge port is automatically reset.


Note: If the hp500 cone crusher is stopped due to load, the crusher should not be restarted until the crushing chamber is completely cleaned, otherwise it will cause serious damage to the hp500 cone crusher and the crusher motor.

The reasons for the shutdown of hp500 cone crusher under load conditions are as follows:

1. The crusher or engine is stopped due to electrical failure or lack of oil in the engine;

2. Excessive material entering the crushing chamber of the hp500 cone crusher causes the crusher to stall;

3. The discharge conveyor causes the discharge material to accumulate and block the crusher;

4. There is an iron block stuck in the crushing cavity of the hp500 cone crusher.


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