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The difference between wet sand production and dry sand production

Posted: 2019 05 16 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views: 125

The difference between the two methods:

1. Subsequent configuration equipment is different

Wet sand production is a sand making mode that uses sand washing machine to achieve roundness of sand and reduce soil content.

The dry sand making method adopts the powder sorting machine to achieve the separation of the sand powder, and finally selects the construction sand with excellent quality, and the dust is also collected as a by-product.


2. The applicable area is different

Wet sand production is suitable for use in watery areas, close to the water source. Wet sand production can establish a sedimentation tank to achieve the purpose of recycling water resources. At the same time, we can also add a fine sand recovery machine to collect fine sand and sand powder in wastewater.

Dry sand production is suitable for use in areas far from the water source, such as the arid areas in the north.

3. Different investment costs

The dry sand production line uses a high-efficiency classifier for sand powder separation. There is no need to add a large amount of water to clean in the process, and the overall production cost will be relatively low.

In actual production, whether wet sand or dry sand production is selected depends on the area and water resources, the cleanliness of raw materials, and the specific requirements for aggregate, artificial sand powder content and fineness modulus. You should choose according to your own production situation.


such as: Output size 0-10, 10-15, 15-20mm