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The reasons and solutions of low powder yield of raymond mill

Posted: 2020 05 22 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views: 300

1. The powder lock is not tightly sealed

If the powder lock is not tightly sealed during the production process of raymond mill, powder sucking back will occur, resulting in no powder or less powder.

Therefore, before starting the machine, strictly check the sealing of the powder locker and adjust the sealing degree.

2. The analysis machine does not play a classification role

In the raymond mill operating system, the analysis machine is responsible for analyzing whether the fineness of the finished powder meets the standard, and it is not necessary to return to the grinding room for grinding. In the case of serious wear on the blades of the analyzer, it will not play the role of classification, which will cause the problem of too thick or too fine powder. If it is too coarse, it will not reach the fineness standard; if it is too fine, the powder output rate will be low.

When this happens, just replace a new analyzer blade.


3. The air volume of the fan is not adjusted well

If the air volume of the fan is not adjusted properly, it will also cause abnormal powder production. If the air volume is too large, the powder will be too coarse; if the air volume is too small, the powder will be too fine and the output will be low.

Under the condition that other parts of the machine are not abnormal, the air volume of the fan should be adjusted to correct the powder fineness and speed.

4. Failure of the blade

In the grinding process, the blade is responsible for shoveling the material. When the blade is used for a period of time or the quality is not strong enough, there will be large wear and the problem that the material cannot be shoveled, which will also cause the problem of less powder or no powder.

Just replace the new blade to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

At present, after several generations of development, raymond mill has developed from pendulum raymond mill,  high-pressure suspension mill, overpressure trapezoid mill, to European type grinding mill, in the process of continuous upgrading, the performance and output of the machine all aspects have been further improved.

If you need a large amount of powder, please choose raymond mill upgrade product-European type grinding mill, so that it can better meet the modern powder industry intensive, large-scale, standardized production needs.


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