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The tailings waste can be used as raw material for mechanism sand

Posted: 2020 06 22 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views: 192

Mechanism sand is relative to natural sand. It refers to sand processed by sand making machine and other auxiliary equipment. The finished product is more regular. It can be processed into sand of different sizes according to different process requirements.

Mechanism sand raw materials are widely used, in addition to pebbles, granite, limestone, bluestone and other stones, stone powder, scrap, tailings, waste, construction waste can be used as raw materials. Using tailings waste as raw material for mechanism sand can not only improve the utilization rate of waste, but also reduce the production cost.


Mechanism sand requires professional equipment to produce qualified sandstone.

For the production of mechanism sand, Kefid produces different sand making machines such as VSI series sand making machine, VSI5X series sand making machine, VSI6X series sand making machine, mobile sand making machine, VU sand making floor system, etc.

VSI, VSI5X, VSI6X series of sand making machines belong to impact sand making mode, usually with jaw crusher, cone crusher or impact crusher, vibrating screen, conveyor belt and other fixed sand making production lines.

Mobile sand making machine is a vehicle-mounted system installed on the basis of sand making machine. It can go directly to the production site without fixed installation. It can move flexibly and it is convenient to change the production site.

Sand making system adopts tower-type centralized layout, which occupies a small area, and the production process is completely closed. The dust emission concentration can be controlled at 10mg/m3, without the need to build a plant, and the cost of the site and plant investment can be saved.

The production mode of the sand making machine is different, and the price is also very different. You can choose the appropriate machine according to your actual production situation.

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