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The green mine project

Posted: 2020 11 27 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views: 355

"Green mine" generally refers to the whole process of mineral resource development, which requires scientific and orderly mining, and the impact on the mining area and the surrounding environment is within a controllable range. From a definition point of view, green mine construction involves a wide range of content. Combining industry hotspots and its own experience, Kefid will introduce the main contents of green mine construction.


1. Efficient use of mineral resources, without the behavior of mining rich and poor, wasting and destroying resources and the environment, the product structure is optimized and reasonable, and the recycling rate of waste resources is improved.

2. The development and utilization of mineral resources are scientifically standardized, and the mining recovery rate, mining dilution rate and beneficiation recovery have reached the design requirements.

3. Improve the supporting facilities in the mining area, realize dust-free operation in the whole production process, reduce mine loss, mining and stripping, and minimize forest land occupation and soil erosion.

4. Utilize advanced technology to choose construction period and methods that are conducive to ecological protection. Open pit operations must be mined from top to bottom and in levels. Underground mining is performed in accordance with relevant technical specifications. And adopting high-efficiency high-tech mining machinery and crushing machinery to reduce pollution.

Kefid can plan a complete set of "green mine" project crushing production lines for you to help modern mine construction.


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