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The comparison of dry powder and wet powder making process

Posted: 2020 10 23 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views: 293

The comparison of the VM vertical mill represented by the dry process and the ball mill represented by the wet process.

1. Comparison of grinding methods

Vertical mill: mainly grinding, followed by impact force (suitable for fine grinding and ultra-fine grinding, low grinding media consumption, long lining service life, lower operating cost)

Ball mill: mainly impact force, followed by grinding (suitable for rough grinding and fine grinding, large grinding media consumption, short lining service life, increased operating cost)

2. energy consumption comparison

Vertical mill: Few moving parts, low vibration-low energy consumption type.

Ball mill: All parts are basically in motion, with large vibration-high energy consumption type.


3. Comparison of environmental impact

Noise pollution: The noise of vertical mill is about 20 decibels lower than that of ball mill.

Dust pollution: The vertical mill adopts an integral seal, and the system is operated under negative pressure, with less dust and a clean environment; the ball mill is open, and there is a problem of dust.

4. finished product quality comparison

Vertical mill products have high homogenization and higher purity;

The metal wear of the vertical mill system is small, and the pollution to the finished material is smaller than that of the ball mill;

Compared with ball mills, vertical mills can reduce over-grinding due to their structure, and the product particle composition is stable.

To sum up, dry powder milling represents VM vertical mill has the features of energy saving and emission reduction, green environmental protection, low production and operation costs, large production capacity and high efficiency. It is a very suitable for milling.


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