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The difference between vertical shaft impact crusher, hammer crusher and roller crusher

Posted: 2020 09 17 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views: 344

In the current mechanism sand industry, in view of the needs of different customers, vertical shaft impact crusher, hammer crusher and roll crusher are often mentioned and compared sand making equipment. Then, today we will take a look at the differences between these three types of sand making equipment.

1. From the point of view of principle, the vertical shaft impact crusher adopts the principle of "stone hitting stone" and "stone hitting iron", which can use the force of collision between materials to reduce the wear on the machine. It can be used for mechanism sand production and stone shaping. The hammer crusher uses the impact between the material, the rotor and the hammer head to complete the crushing, which has greater impact and wear on the vulnerable parts of the machine; the roller crusher uses two rollers to squeeze and crush, and the rollers also have greater wear.

2. In terms of output, the vertical shaft impact crusher has the largest output among the three sand making machines, especially the new generation of 6X series vertical shaft impact crusher adopts a brand-new four-port impeller design, which has greater material throughput, higher processing efficiency and higher output. The single machine can produce about 150-200 tons per hour. The output of hammer crusher and roller crusher is low, which is suitable for low-cost, small-scale sand making projects.


3. From the perspective of the quality of the finished sand, the vertical shaft impact crusher has the function of shaping. The finished sand is round and full, and the content of needle flakes is low, which can meet the requirements of Class I construction sand; the roller crusher is the second, and it can reach Class II construction requirements for sand use; hammer crusher is poor and can only meet the requirements of Class III construction sand.

4. From the perspective of investment cost, the cost of vertical shaft impact crusher is higher than that of hammer crusher and roller crusher. The initial investment is large, but the later maintenance cost is relatively low. High hardness stones such as pebbles, river pebbles and granite can also be crushed. The price of hammer crusher and roller crusher is relatively low. The later crushing of hard stones will cause greater wear on the machine and a relatively short equipment life cycle.

Based on the above factors, when choosing a sand making machine, you also need to consider many aspects according to your own production requirements, capital situation, etc. If you want to carry out long-term, large-scale production, it is recommended to choose vertical shaft impact crusher, which can continue to maintain stable and high-quality manufacturing sand effect.

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