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The precautions for the switch of the ultra-fine mill

Posted: 2019 06 29 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views: 400

Before the ultra-fine grinding machine is started, it should be checked whether all the inspection doors are closed tightly. Check whether the gap between the jaws of the crusher meets the particle size of the feed, and adjust the speed of the analyzer to reach the approximate grain size requirement. Then press in order to boot.

1. Start the bucket elevator;

2. Start the jaw crusher;

3. After the material in the warehouse is stored, start the analysis machine;

4. start the blower (empty load start, then load after normal operation);

5. Start the superfine mill main machine and start the electromagnetic vibrating feeder immediately after starting the host.


At this point, the ultra-fine mill grinding work is beginning. The operation sequence of the ultra-fine mill is as follows: start: hoist → crusher → analysis machine → fan → main machine → feeder. When the ultra-fine mill is stopped, the machines should be shut down in the following order:

1. Close the feeder to stop feeding;

2. Stop the host after about one minute;

3. Stop the blower after blowing off the residual powder;

4. Turn off the analyzer afterwards.

The order of shutdown of the ultra-fine mill is: feeder→host→blower→analyzer. Note: After the hoist transports the material to the silo for a certain amount, the crusher is stopped first and then the lift is stopped. This should be changed by the stock amount.

Ultra-fine grinding machine is not allowed to refuel at any time during normal work. To ensure reliable production, abnormal noise occurs in any part of the grinding machine, or the load suddenly increases, stop immediately to check and eliminate the malfunction, so as to avoid major accidents. Continue to turn on, the remaining material in the mill must be taken out, otherwise the current will be too large when starting up, affecting the start.


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