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How to extend the rotor life of the European type impact crusher?

Posted: 2019 07 18 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views: 300

1. Select the rotor and bearing that match the model of the equipment, have strong bearing capacity and good self-aligning performance, and preliminarily calculate the service life. It is better to use the rotor bearing in 5000~10000h to avoid installing the rotor and bearing that are inconsistent with the equipment model, causing the occlusion transmission block, and thus causing more serious equipment problems.


2. The rotor and bearing must bear a certain impact load when operating, and the magnitude of the impact load depends on the impulse acting on the rotor and the support flexibility of the bearing base. Adding a certain thickness of the rubber plate structure between the bearing base and the support frame can increase the support flexibility of the bearing base, effectively absorb the impact force and vibration force of some materials, thereby improving the load capacity of the rotor bearing and improving the bearing force,effectively extends the service life of the rotor.

3. When the rotor is running at high speed, due to the deviation of the rotor casting and the deviation of the mass of the hammer, the unbalanced centrifugal force will be generated when the rotor rotates, causing vibration of the equipment, resulting in damage to the rotor bearing. Therefore, after the rotor structure is installed, a static balance test is carried out, and the diameter of the rotor body is appropriately adjusted to achieve an accurate counterweight to maintain the balance of the rotor operation.

4. When the European type impact crusher operated, the impact load on the rotor bearing and the load on the rolling element are different. The rolling elements under the combined action of the impact load have a large force, and the inner and outer ring races of the bearing also exert a large force when they are in contact with the rolling elements under the combined force. Due to the different rotation of the inner ring of the rotor bearing, the contact point with the rolling element is subjected to a cyclic process from small to large, and the outer ring is relatively fixed, and the large force point will stay at a certain fixed point. When the inner ring and the outer ring of the rotor bearing are loosely loosened, a small amount of movement is generated, which increases the large force point of the rotor bearing, thereby prolonging the outer ring life of the rotor bearing, and the rotor can be used for a long time. It is fully used.


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