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Steel slag processing equipment recommended

Posted: 2019 09 27 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views: 222

Steel slag is a by-product (slag) in the steelmaking process. It is composed of various oxides formed by oxidation of impurities such as silicon, manganese, phosphorus and sulfur in pig iron during the smelting process and salts formed by the reaction of these oxides with solvents.

The application of steel slag is:

1. For metallurgical raw materials

Steel slag contains a large amount of iron. After magnetic separation, all grades of scrap steel can be recovered. Most of the steel slag containing high iron grade is used as raw material for steel making and iron making.

2. Used in the construction field

This is also the main application field of steel slag. On the one hand, it can replace gravel and fine aggregate to be used for road backfilling and other projects. On the other hand, it can be ground into powder to be used as active ore powder admixture in cement, concrete and other fields.

3. Steel slag in the application of glass-ceramics, environmental engineering, agriculture, burn-free bricks, foundry sand, etc.


Steel slag processing equipment recommended

According to the characteristics of steel slag and the requirements of finished products, it can be processed by crushing and screening equipment, iron removal equipment and milling equipment, and processed to different particle sizes according to the requirements of use.

For crushing stone and mechanism sand processing, crusher and sand making machine can be used, and crushing equipment can be selected at different stages such as jaw crusher, cone crusher and impact crusher.

For the steel slag mine powder, there are vertical mill, European type grinding mill (Raymond mill upgrade) and other equipment, of which steel slag as a difficult processing material, we usually choose vertical mill to meet the large capacity of mineral powder processing needs.

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