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The advantages of the tower sand system compared to the flat layout sand production line

Posted: 2019 10 17 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views: 342

The production of mechanism sand requires a production line. Generally, a sand production line is mainly composed of feeder, sand making machine, vibrating screen, sand washing machine, etc. If the raw material is too large, a crusher needs to be arranged in front of the sand making machine. The sand making production line usually adopts the plane layout method and can be established by using the terrain height difference, the floor space is large.


Tower-type sand making is a sand-making system that adopts a highly intensive tower-type fully enclosed arrangement, integrating sand making, grain shape optimization, stone powder control, grading adjustment, moisture content control and environmental protection treatment. Compared with the flat layout sand production line, the tower sand system has the following advantages:

1. The tower-type sand making system adopts a highly intensive tower-type layout, and the floor space is small. For example, our VU120 main tower part is only 21m×8m which greatly saves the infrastructure cost.

2. The fully enclosed production system can control the dust from overflowing. The dust emission is only 10mg/m3, and the emission concentration is lower than the national regulations.

3. The finished sand has better quality and is specially produced for the production of mechanism sand. The system includes impact crusher, mold control sieve, grain machine, humidifier and other parts. The finished product can be compared with river sand.

4. The grading is better, and the floor-type sand making system greatly improves the proportion of fine sand with a particle size between 0.15 and 0.6 mm which is difficult to produce.

5. Diversified raw materials, low-cost tailings and waste materials such as stone chips and melon seeds can be used as raw materials to achieve low cost.

However, on the whole, the tower-type sand making system is a full steel frame structure and the cost is higher. Therefore, the initial investment cost is higher than the flat layout sand production line and customers can choose according to their actual conditions.

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such as: Output size 0-10, 10-15, 15-20mm