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The performance characteristics of crawler mobile crusher

Posted: 2020 09 11 Source: Kefid Shanghai Machinery Views: 255

1. Power system with excellent performance. Using Cummins diesel engine, low fuel consumption, low noise, reliable performance, provides a reliable, economical and environmentally friendly power source. The engine can be equipped with a military low-temperature preheating start device, so that the equipment can be easily started in a low temperature environment of -25C°.

2. All-steel ship structure chassis, high strength, low grounding ratio, good passability and good adaptability to mountains and wetlands.


3. High-torque traveling motor with mature technology, large driving force and high reliability. The walking system uses a full-power variable open hydraulic system, which has excellent performance and high reliability, and can make full use of the power of the engine. The main hydraulic components (pumps, valves, etc.) are imported from Japan.

4. The operating system adopts imported servo pilot operating system, which is easy to operate, accurate in control, and can achieve infinite walking speed.

5. The crushing and screening equipment selects Kefid's good quality and mature products, it has compact structure and stable performance. The screening equipment adopts a 20° inclination angle and is reliable.

6. Hybrid electric energy device, dual power intelligent switch, can make full use of local electric energy, save operating cost, reduce carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions. Once the power is interrupted or undervoltage, the diesel generator can be automatically switched to generate electricity to ensure continuous operation of the equipment.


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