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Welcometo the International Engineering Machinery Exhibition

2011 11 11 Click:628

KefidMachinery Co., Ltd. will participate in the International Engineering MachineryExhibition in Algeria, from November 21 to November 24 in 2011. Atthe appointed time, we can make a 3% discountfor you if you sign a contract on the show. If you are...

How Can Mining Machinery Industry Improve Innovation

2011 08 29 Click:554

For China mining machinery industry, the 1990s is the most difficult period. Only after 1999, it began to recover and ushered a new developmental opportunity. However, at present its technological base is still weak. Experts suggest that China mining...

The Development of jaw Crushers in Modern Times

2011 08 08 Click:546

With gradual improvementand promotion of steam engine, electric motors and other power machinery,modern crushing machines were created. Steam-driven roller crusher was appearedin 1806; In 1858, American Blake invented jaw crusher to break rock; in 18...

How to facing the fierce competition

2011 07 01 Click:485

The mining industry is flourishing in recent years. There are somany manufactures and trading companies enter this industry in China, whichcause the competition fiercer and fiercer. So, how to keep your position is thekey point. Kefid machinery is a...

Kefid Is Moving into the New Headquarter Base

2011 05 20 Click:482

On April 15, 2011. Kefid is moving into the new headquarter base for a new development. The headquarter occupies an construction area of 50 thousand square meters, which is composed of 25192 m 2 portal type steel frame structure workshop, RD building...

Kefid Crawler Type Mobile Screen is ready for delivery

2011 05 20 Click:868

On April 11, 2011, one set crawler type mobile screen is ready for delivery after meticulous production and strict inspection which shows Kefid equipments enjoy very good reputation among our customers continuously. Recently, we are keeping good achi...