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Kefid efficient clean coal preparation equipment

2017 09 14 Click:317

Efficient coal-fired boiler is the focus of national energy-saving technology projects. Promoting the efficient use of clean coal is of great sigificance to improve the atmospheric environment and develop energy-saving environmental protection indust...

Kefid European type grinding mill can process graphite

2017 08 24 Click:390

Graphite is soft, dark gray. Its hardness is 1 to 2, along the vertical direction with the increased impurity the hardness can be 3 to 5. The specific gravity is 1.9 to 2.3. The specific surface area is 1-20m2/g. In the isolated oxygen conditions, th...

Kefid MTW series European type grinding mill in the processing of attapulgite

2017 08 17 Click:289

Attapulgite, also known as palygorskite, is a kind of hydrated rich magnesium silicate clay mineral with a layered structure, belonging to the typical nano-submicron nonmetallic. Attapulgite has the characteristics of large specific surface area, hig...

Kefid offers 80 mesh humic acid grinding equipment

2017 07 27 Click:307

Humic acid is a macromolecule organic substances in the natural, it is widely used in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, petroleum, chemical, building materials, medicine and health, environmental protection and other fields. The humic acid res...

Kefid's new product F5X vibrating feeder is on the line

2017 07 13 Click:227

Following the MB5X pendulum roller mill, C6X series jaw crusher, CI5X series impact crusher, Kefid F5X vibrating feeder is also on the line. Vibrating feeder is a supporting equipment of stone production line.It can transport massive, granular materi...

Kefid's Xiangyin production site

2017 06 29 Click:320

Kefid has a 300 tons of river pebble production line in Xiangyin,Hunan.It is composed of two PE600900 jaw crushers, two HPT300 cone crushers, a 5X1145 sand making machine, three 2460 vibrating screen and a 3016 sand washing machine.Since the operatio...