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Kefid boutique case: Zimbabwe stone production line

2018 08 17 Click:249

The project is a Chinese-funded aid project and was put into operation in December 2017. Zimbabwe, which has experienced severe hyperinflation, has abundant natural resources, but it needs foreign aid for infrastructure construction and changes the l...

Kefid's mobile stone aggregate production line

2018 07 19 Click:281

Mobile crusher is a new type of equipment for the fixed crusher. It mainly has two series of tire-type mobile crusher and crawler-type mobile crusher. It has its own vehicle system, which integrates crushing, screening and conveying in one. Its main...

Kefid MB5X pendulous roller mill is suitable for processing wollastonite powder

2018 06 14 Click:288

Wollastonite is a triclinic, thin plate-like crystal belonging to single-chain silicate minerals. It is usually in sheet, radial or fibrous aggregates. Wollastonite has chemical corrosion resistance, good thermal stability, low water absorption and o...

Annual output of 200,000 tons of heavy calcium carbonate grinding plant

2018 05 17 Click:321

Heavy calcium carbonate is ground by natural carbonate minerals such as calcite, marble, and limestone. Heavy calcium powder is a commonly used powdery inorganic filler, widely used in rubber, plastics, paints, coatings, papermaking and other industr...

The 20 t/h of bentonite production line

2018 04 18 Click:291

Bentonite belongs to non-metallic minerals with soft texture. If the ore size is too large, the feed inlet of the mill is limited. After primary crushing, it can be sent to mill for grinding to get the qualified finished powder. Bentonite production...

The 123rd Canton Fair

2018 03 22 Click:236

The 123rd China Import and Export Fair(The 123rd Canton Fair) will be held in Guangzhou from Apr 15, 2018 to Apr 19, 2018. Kefid will participate in it with our full range of high quality equipment. Welcome to our booth to get more details! Exhibitio...